Philippines’ Authorities Warn Users Against Binance

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines (SEC) has appealed to citizens not to use the services of Binance.

BlackRock to Offer Users Crypto Access Through Coinbase Prime

Reading Time: < 1 minute BlackRock users will have direct access to digital asset trading through the Aladdin portfolio management system.

Meta Expands NFT Integration Pilot to More Than 100 Countries

Reading Time: < 1 minute Meta Corporation has expanded its pilot project to integrate NFTs into social Instagram to an additional 100 countries.

Bytex Jumps in to Save GokuMarket From Bankruptcy

Reading Time: 2 minutes ByteX, a Canadian headquartered CeDeFi platform, acquires 1 million crypto users from the insolvent GokuMarket, a European centralized exchange.