Alexander Vinnik’s Extradition to Greece Will be Considered Before 2022

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The extradition of Alexander Vinnik from France back to Greece will not take place in the coming months, Izvestia has reported quoting Frederic Belo, Vinnik’s lawyer.

According to him, the issue will be resolved following the consideration of the cassation appeal against the verdict of the French court, according to which Vinnik was sentenced to five years in prison.

The lawyer said:

“Cassation proceedings are underway now. Nothing will happen until the French Court of Cassation makes a decision. And this will happen approximately in the first semester of 2022.”

He added it is not worth talking about the automatic return of Vinnik to Greece.

Russia is also demanding the extradition of Vinnik.

We should remember that Alexander Vinnik reportedly laundered in December 2020 at least $4 billion through the cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e and was sentenced to five years in prison and a €100,000 fine.

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