Users Send $8M in Assets to zkSync Blockchain to Receive Potential Airdrop

Reading Time: < 1 minute Crypto fans have sent an estimated $8 million worth of assets to the zkSync blockchain in the last week, with the hope of receiving a potential airdrop.

Flare is Airdropping $714M in FLR Tokens

Reading Time: < 1 minute 4.279 billion FLR tokens of the Flare project were credited on January 9 to “millions of users” who met certain criteria.

Arbitrum to Airdrop ARB Tokens Among Users

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Ethereum-based second-layer network Arbitrum will host an airdrop followed by a transition to decentralized governance via a DAO.

Mizar Launches $MZR Token on Arbitrum and Unveils DeFi Roadmap

Reading Time: 2 minutes London, United Kingdom, 8th March, 2023, Chainwire Mizar, a social trading platform that boasts over 10,000 users and sees daily trades in the millions of dollars, is pleased to announce…

Whales Invest More Than $600M in Meme Crypto Shiba Inu

Reading Time: < 1 minute The value of Shiba Inu (SHIB) skyrocketed by nearly 50% in January thanks to the pumping arranged by the largest addresses.

Metacade Token Sale Advances to Stage 6 with $9.3m Sold and Only 2 Stages Left

Reading Time: 2 minutes London, United Kingdom, 8th March, 2023, Chainwire GameFi arcade project Metacade has continued to see a phenomenal response to its MCADE token presale, with 5 stages selling out and an…

Metatime Token Sale Will Start on March 3 to Kickstart Its Web3 Ecosystem

Reading Time: 2 minutes Istanbul, Turkey, 2nd March, 2023, Chainwire Web3 ecosystem, Metatime, has announced its private token sale will commence on March 3. Despite being billed as a private sale, the event will…

Price of LaunchZone Crashes 82% Following Hacker Attack

Reading Time: < 1 minute The LaunchZone DeFi protocol team has announced a hack, resulting in the LZ project token plummeting by 82.5%.

Metacade presale stage 5 selling out as strategic partnership with MEXC is confirmed

Reading Time: 3 minutes London, England, 28th February, 2023, Chainwire Metacade, a community-led GameFi project, has gained significant momentum in its presale following the recent announcement of its strategic partnership with leading exchange MEXC.…