Elon Musk Announces Sale of Tesla Merchandise for Dogecoin

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Electric car maker Tesla plans to lauch a merchandise that can be purchased for the meme crypto Dogecoin (DOGE). Elon Musk has stated:

“Tesla will make some merch buyable with Doge & see how it goes.”

He did not disclose the details of the goods in question.

The DOGE price has responded to Musk’s statement with a rise of 15.6% in the last hour (CoinGecko).

Earlier, TIME magazine named Mask “Person of the Year.” In an interview with the publication, the entrepreneur stated Dogecoin is more suitable for payments than Bitcoin.

In September, Musk noted the progress made by the developers of the Dogecoin client in preparing the base for the subsequent reduction in network fees.

The Tesla founder has previously admitted that he personally owns ETH and DOGE.

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