Rarible Integrates Tezos and Adds Ubisoft NFT Support

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Rarible has just integrated Tezos and added Ubisoft NFT support.

As part of the partnership, non-fungible tokens issued on the Tezos blockchain will appear on the platform. In addition, users will be able to buy and sell NFT projects that are part of the blockchain ecosystem. The marketplace also operates on the Ethereum and Flow networks.

Ubisoft has previously announced the launch of a beta version of the Quartz platform for trading in-game NFT items. For this purpose, the company entered into an agreement with Tezos.

Its non-fungible tokens are called Digit and are now available for resale on Rarible.

Alexander Salnikov, co-founder and CEO of Rarible, said:

“It is clear that blockchain gaming is a breakthrough. So [news from Ubisoft] was quite expected. We will see such announcements more than once in the race for primacy in this area.”

The parties have also launched the Blazing Futures NFT collection featuring digital artist work powered by Tezos.

Rarible launched in November a messenger for communication using Ethereum wallets.

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