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According to Bloomberg, Michael Saylor, head of analytical software maker MicroStrategy, has told the company investors that the firm will explore the possibility of additional earnings on assets in BTC.

In particular, he said:

“You can either take a long-term loan on favorable terms secured in Bitcoin, or issue a loan in Bitcoin to a trusted counterparty. It could be a good source of income.”

Saylor has also said that MicroStrategy still has not made a final decision on the matter. According to him, banks and large technology companies are potential borrowers.

While Saylor has also questioned the willingness of the market to issue Bitcoin-backed bonds, he has admitted such a possibility in the future. He has said the company will continue to issue corporate securities and debt.

We should remember that MicroStrategy acquired on Dec 9 an additional 1,434 BTC for about $82.4 million.

The company currently owns 122,477 BTC he has bought for about $3.66 billion. MicroStrategy’s digital currency reserves amount to around $5.75 billion.

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