China-based IT Giant Baidu Will Spend Six Years Developing its Metaverse

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Chinese technological company Baidu could take up to six years to develop a metaverse as part of the XiRang project, the CNBC has reported citing Ma Jie, the vice president of the company.

Baidu started to work on the XiRang project in late 2020. On December 27, the company hosted an annual devs conference in its virtual space.

Ma believes that at its current implementation level, the firms’s metaverse is able to accommodate about 100,000 users at a time. He has highlighted that Baidu is committed to creating an open source platform – an infrastructure for the virtual world.

The company unveiled the XiRang project on Tuesday. The CNBC has noted the platform is very far from perfect. In particular, the virtual space is slow to load and user avatars have a very unrealistic behavior.

Ma has noted XiRang does not support cryptos and other digital assets like NFTs. However, according to him, the platform is based on technology “similar to blockchain.”

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