CoinShares: Institutions Have Withdrawn $207M From Crypto Funds

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According to a report of CoinShares, institutional investors have withdrawn about $207 million from crypto funds.

The pressure on the market intensified back in December, and even then many analysts predicted the result of the pressure would be a massive exit of institutions from digital assets.

Bitcoin-focused funds lost about $107 million last week. Observers do not rule out the exit of hedge funds from crypto products will continue in January. It will even accelerate if the Federal Reserve (Fed) confirms its readiness to tighten monetary policy and raise the interest rate.

Ethereum products have lost $39 million. Over the past four weeks, funds targeting the largest altcoin have lost $180 million.

Nevertheless, 2021 was still a successful year for the cryptosphere in terms of its attractiveness among investment funds and asset management companies. From January to December 2021, they invested $9.3 billion in such instruments.

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