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Tortola, British Virgin Islands, 13th January, 2022,

 — League of Kingdoms, the first true MMO blockchain game launched in 2020, is releasing the LOKA token to fuel the growth and give agency to its 400,000+ strong community of active users. The token will be released to users on January 20th, with more details of the launch available closer to the date.

The LOKA token adds to the existing set of NFTs to enable governance rights and additional utility to the League of Kingdoms community. In addition to deciding on key features and plans for the game, LOKA holders will be able to stake the asset to receive a portion of the platform’s fees, and other upcoming use cases such as exclusive access to special NFTs.

League of Kingdoms has been released since early 2020, posting tremendous growth metrics throughout the two years. In the second half of 2021, the community of daily active users increased 20x to 80,000. On the back of this success, League of Kingdoms raised $3M from a host of well-known investors including Hashed, a16z, Sequoia India, Binance Labs, and many angels from the GameFi sectors including Gabby Dizon of YGG, Aleks & Jiho of Sky Mavis (Axie Infinity), and Sebastien Borget of The Sandbox Games.

League of Kingdoms Arena is a free-to-play MMO game with intuitive yet complex game mechanics, which is built with the average non-crypto user in mind. NFTs in LoK are simple to use and are introduced gradually to users, which helped the game attract a varied audience of both hardcore crypto and traditional gamers. 

The launch of the LOKA token comes amid a number of new initiatives to evolve League of Kingdoms into a full game metaverse. These will include the launch of PvP arena, expansion of P2E, commerce platforms such as an NFT bazaar, esports integration and many other updates to make use of GameFi possibilities. The launch of the token will also help build a strong network of guilds and communities to attract organic play-to-earn veterans.

CEO of Hashed VC, Simon Kim, said: “We are proud to be an early backer of League of Kingdoms and the team’s journey to build a fundamentally strong game that effectively marries the best of both web2 and web3 gaming. I do not doubt that League of Kingdoms will onboard next millions of gamers who will come for the game’s appeal and be staying for crypto.” 

“This has been truly a long-time coming for us, working on LoK when nobody believed in the promise of blockchain games and play-to-earn,” said Chan Lee, Co-Founder of League of Kingdoms. “Now, with our friends from Axie Infinity breaking the floodgates open, we’re ready to show the wider P2E community what we’ve been working on!”

About League of Kingdoms Arena
League of Kingdoms is an MMO Strategy game where gamers fight for dominion of land and loot powered by NFTs. Players can build their own kingdom and armies to defeat or ally with other kingdoms and monsters. Using the LOKA token, the community can decide the fate of the game and obtain exclusive NFT rewards.



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