Twitter Introduces NFT Verification for Profile Avatars

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Social network Twitter has just introduced a new mechanism that allows users to verify non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used as profile pictures.

According to the announcement, the service is only available to users with an active Twitter Blue subscription. When they have to choose a profile picture, they must specify “NFT,” and then connect their Ethereum wallet to their account. After that, the page will display a list of available NFTs.

At the moment, only Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Rainbow, Argent, Trust and Ledger Live wallets are supported, and only the Ethereum blockchain. However, the company has said it will expand its support in the future. The mechanism uses OpenSea’s API. The option is only available for iOS users. According to the company:

“Once you set NFT as your profile picture, people will be able to associate your Twitter account with a public crypto wallet address. This means that your account will be associated with all current and past transactions and crypto wallet assets, including all other NFTs in the wallet, as this information is available on the public blockchain.”

Twitter announced in September 2021 it was adding support for NFT verification along with the addition of Bitcoin transactions.

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