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Berlin, Germany, 14th February, 2022,

The new play-to-earn game CryptoTanks, an NFT-based shooting game with a retro design, has recently announced a partnership with Earn Guild, one of the most fastest-growing player guilds in the Play and Earn scene.

The agreement between Crypto Tanks and its future players is a critical step for the development of a successful community. Involving Earn Guild, with its numerous players, training and support programs, means including a good amount of active players who are going to join Crypto Tanks and build its environment.

Crypto Tanks is a crypto game where players are able to earn rewards while playing a restored version of the 90s’ “Battle City”, the shooting game with 8-bit graphics that reached cult status in the history of video games. 

Being a modern version of the iconic retro game, Crypto Tanks offers new features, maps, tanks and locations, as well as an innovative economic environment.

In order to start playing, users need an NFT tank, which can be purchased on the shop or easily rented from other users. Such a model enables both investors and gamers to join the project and be rewarded for investing their time or money.

At the same time, the platform provides training maps and programs, in order to prepare users to start earning actual money.

Earn Guild, who joins Blockchain Gaming, shares the same vision. The guild was founded to support crypto-gamers, help them improve their skills and earn from Play-to-Earn games. Soft launched in October 2021, Earn Guild community has grown fast and it now counts 25,000 users on Discord and over 200 new guild applications per day, with 1500 scholars already playing Axie Infinity. Earn Guild’s success lies in their coaching program, in addition to a number of useful economic integrations like an NFT marketplace for both sale and rental, an exchange for game tokens, an Earn Guild Mastercard for fiat exchange and credit scores for active players. 

Thanks to the Earn Guild’s support, numerous players will be able to easily access Crypto Tanks, which will lead to a flourishing and popular environment on the retro crypto-game. 

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Earn Guild, one of the fastest-growing Play-to-Earn guilds,” said Max, V., co-founder of Crypto Tanks. “The addition of such a consistent number of active players is a huge step for our growth and it ensures an amazing experience to all Crypto Tanks gamers.”

“Our members at Earn Guild can not wait to start playing Crypto Tanks, added Darren Olney-Fraser, CEO and founder at Earn Guild. “It’s a unique play-to-earn game where the NFT phenomenon meets the nostalgia for an iconic, retro game. We believe in the project and we are ready to be part of the Crypto Tanks community”

About Crypto Tanks
CryptoTanks is a Play To Earn platform where every NFT is 100% usable in the gamified DeFi ecosystem. With Tank NFTs, users can earn yield and play games to earn money. The platform is partially owned and operated by its players. Earn Tanks tokens by playing and use them to decide the future of the game! Beautiful design, big guaranteed prizes brought to users with gamified yield farming.

About Earn Guild
Born in 2021, Earn Guild is a play-to-earn guild that supports players so that they can earn more by providing coaching, exchanges, fiat gateways, credit scores and more.



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