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NFT marketplace Rarible has just added support for assets issued on the second-tier network Polygon.

According to the announcement, as a result of the integration, the number of platforms used by the protocol has increased to four, along with Ethereum, Tezos, and Flow.

Rarible ha reproted that as part of the partnership, the NFT and gaming division of Polygon Studios will provide technical and marketing support.

Alexei Falin, CEO of Rarible, has said on the deal:

“As the protocol continues to evolve into a platform for NFT developers, the help from Polygon Studios will be extremely helpful.

The marketplace team has also announced the launch of its own multi-chain wallet, a solution that will allow users to use different networks. Falin has said:

“We know firsthand how inconvenient it is to get in and out of wallets that hold collectible tokens spanning multiple blockchains.”

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