Landing Protocol Bastion Completes Seed Funding Round

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The ParaFi Foundation has led an investment round for the landing protocol Bastion, which is powered by Aurora, the second layer blockchain platform of the NEAR network.

The total amount Bastion has raised has not been disclosed in the press release.

Some of the participants in the fundraising include Jane Street,, Digital Currency Group, CMS and Manifold Trading. In addition, some other angel investors, including NEAR co-founder Illia Polosukhin and Terraform Labs business development director Jeffrey Kuan, have also contributed.

Bastion has reported that the project has experienced “explosive growth.” Within the first 24 hours after the launch of the mainnet on March 7, $200 million was blocked in the protocol.

NEAR has the highest growth potential of all Tier 1 blockchains, according to the Bastion creator:

“As the fastest network with Proof-of-Stake consensus and sharding, as well as excellent infrastructure and solutions for developers, NEAR has all the prerequisites to become the next powerhouse for DeFi.”

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