Survey: Germans are Investing Massively in Cryptocurrencies

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In spite of the fact that the German authorities regularly urge the country’s citizens not to invest in digital currencies and regulators point out the volatility of Bitcoin and warn people that they can lose all their money, it seems that Germans are ignoring these warnings.

According to a survey conducted by crypto exchange KuCoin, Germans, on the contrary, continue to enter massively into digital assets.

According to the platform, 44% of German citizens are actively interested in cryptocurrencies and intend to invest in such assets in the near future.

37% of German residents who participated in the survey are already involved in cryptocurrency trading. According to the CEO of this platform, Johnny Lyu, many German investors perceive cryptocurrencies as a tool to hedge geopolitical and inflationary risks.

At the same time, he has noted that German citizens are entering the cryptocurrency sector, despite the fact that the blockchain sector has not yet been fully legalized in his country.

According to the exchange experts, by the end of this year, the share of crypto investors in Germany will increase significantly.

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