Iron Fish Project Unveils Details of Project Tokenomics

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Iron Fish, a first-level blockchain platform for Web3 user privacy, has announced its tokenomics with support from a16z and Sequoia Capital.

The genesis block will contain 42 million tokens, which will be distributed among the Iron Fish Foundation (18%), testnet participants as part of the airdrop (2.25%), future airdrops (2.25%), pre-seed series investors (5.1%), seed series participants (9.9%), Series A funding round investors (14.5%), advisors (0.6%), core development team (37.4%), IF Labs (5%), and an endowment fund (5%).

Insiders will have a one-year lock-up period after the main network launch, while employees will have a four-year lock-up period with an initial one-year block.

Over the next 12 months, miners will increase the supply by 10.5 million coins (1/4 of the original value). Long-term emissions will gradually decrease until it reaches 256,970,400 IRON in 150 years.

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