Cosmos Devs Reveal Roadmap for IBC Protocol Development

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The team behind the Cosmos blockchain has announced their roadmap for the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol, which aims to seamlessly connect different networks by 2024.

The focus will be on improving scalability and convenience. Future plans include shorter implementation times, reduced maintenance costs, and widening the range of blockchains that can connect to the protocol.

Additionally, the team will work on enhancing the usability of IBC by ensuring multi-package atomicity and improving the middleware for transferring arbitrary data and tokens. This will make IBC more user-friendly and versatile for developers, as emphasized by Cosmos.

To further support the development of IBC, separate tools will be created under the Interchain Stack, separate from the Cosmos SDK. IBC is a protocol that enables connections not only for tokens, but also for other data.

This allows blockchains using IBC to remotely manage accounts and request information from other ecosystems.

According to Cosmos, in the last year, there have been 52 million transactions worth $29 billion made through IBC, connecting over 100 networks. In June, Polkadot integrated with Cosmos via IBC, bringing together more than 50 blockchains that support this protocol.

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