Report: Crypto Industry Lost $343M in November Due to Hacks

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During the month of November, the crypto industry suffered a significant loss of over $343 million due to 296 cases of hacking and fraud.

This is the highest monthly total since the beginning of the year, as reported by the Immunefi report. The figure increased by 15.4 times compared to October, bringing the total damage for the year to $1.75 billion.

The majority of attacks targeted the CeFi sector, accounting for 53.8% of the total losses. This significantly exceeded the number of attacks on DeFi platforms, with most of the losses coming from hacks on centralized platforms such as Poloniex, HTX, and Kronos Research.

Out of the total damages, hacker attacks accounted for around $335.5 million (97.8%), while the remaining ~$7.5 million (2.2%) were a result of fraud. In terms of blockchains, BNB Chain experienced the highest number of incidents with 22, resulting in 53.7% of the total damage. Ethereum followed with 12 incidents and 29.3% of the damages.

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