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Riccardo Spagni’s detention, former developer of privacy-centered cryptocurrency Monero, was unfounded, according to his lawyer Duncan Okes, Twitter user @Spatzipantz has reported on the social network.

According to the document shared by the lawyer, Spagni actually thought he did not have to appear in court now as a result of the multiple administrative violations and misunderstanding.

Let’s remember that he was accused by the company Cape Cookies of a $100,000 fraud while he worked for the firm, which resulted in his detention in the US.

Spagni’s lawyer says that at the time he was working in the US and that the objetive of the meeting was to discuss new dates for future judicial pleadings. According to Okes, lawyers can actually substitute the defendants in such cases.

The audience of the case against Spagni will be held on August 5. He faces charges of up to 10 years in prison.

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