China Expands its Crypto Regulation

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The Chinese government has just expanded its measures to combat cryptos. The authorities of the country have now put their eyes on short crypto videos posted on the Internet.

In the updated publication of the Chinese Association of Network Broadcasting Services, the country has banned the publication of videos advertising digital assets, including Bitcoin.

According to the “Standard Rules for Short Internet Video Content (2021)” guidelines state, users must not post visual content that promotes public participation in digital currencies, mining, trading and speculation.

The ban will apply to several platforms, including the Chinese versions of TikTok Douyin and Kuaishou and messaging apps and microblogging platforms such as WeChat.

The official blog reads:

“In order for China to improve the quality of short video content, curb the spread of crypto false and harmful content, create clear cyberspace, these rules are formulated following relevant national laws and regulations, the “Internet Audiovisual Program Service Management Regulations” and the “General Rules for the Review of Online Audiovisual Program Content.”

This recent ban on crypto-related videos is the new addition to the existing 100 banned topics, which include the official history of the country or parodies of political leaders.

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