Phantom Developers to Hold Auction for Early Access to iOS App

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Crypto wallet operator Phantom will bid for the right to access the beta version of the iOS app in a Dutch auction format. The event will take place on the Magic Eden NFT marketplace on December 29.

Phantom is a digital asset wallet based on the Solana blockchain. It is currently presented as a browser extension, but in November the project team announced a mobile app.

The developers will put up 7,000 NFTs for sale. Trading will start at 8 SOL (about $1,512), every ten minutes the price will decrease by 0.25 SOL. All proceeds, as well as 10% of the proceeds from the secondary sale of tokens, will be directed to the non-profit organization Girls Who Code.

Auction winners will have access to a beta version of the iOS app. To pass the verification, users will need to connect the wallet to the developers website. After that, the system will allow them to take part in testing.

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