Volt Inu Announces PancakeSwap Listing As ETH/BSC Bridge Looms

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Malmö, Sweden, 7th January, 2022, Chainwire

Volt Inu ($VOLT), a token built on Ethereum, is excited to announce that it has just finalized the $VOLT BSC smart contract. Consequently, a PancakeSwap listing and ETH/BSC bridge are coming soon. 

Recently, Floki Inu also brought BSC to the Floki Inu ecosystem. To do this, they created a liquidity pool on PancakeSwap while ensuring that total circulating supply across both the ETH and BSC chains never exceeded 10T tokens as originally promised. The same group that partnered with Floki Inu to bring about the ETH/BSC bridge, TheMoonToGraphy, creates one for Volt Inu.

The ETH/BSC Bridge Will Allow Seamless Token Movement

VOLT gains the BSC community through the bridge without increasing actual supply. BSC has more users than ETH and lowers entry barriers for all cryptocurrencies. An ETH-BSC bridge with a 1:1 swap is also under development, and it will enable VOLT holders to move seamlessly between ecosystems. The total supply of VOLT between these chains will be linked due to the 1:1 swap.

With the ETH/BSC bridge, VOLT burns will come from the burning tax on every BSC trades in addition to the existing reflections to the burn address, and manual buybacks.

VOLT will remain unchanged, and this bridge is being constructed to welcome new users and expand the Volt Inu ecosystem. As a user, you have a chance to choose whether to hold VOLT on the ETH or BSC networks.

Volt Inu Token

According to Dextools data, Volt Inu has slightly surpassed a $5,000,000 market cap. The $VOLT token’s creators made a token to provide crypto enthusiasts with a community-driven token delivering several utilities. The team guarantees that Volt will use no classic burn and dump schemes. Instead, it instills trust in the community and innovative ways to burn tokens while ensuring that all holders receive their due.

The project founders locked in 35% of the liquidity pool and already transferred 60% of their LP to a burning wallet meaning that this liquidity share is locked forever. The $VOLT contract will automatically burn the LP tokens it generates, so the rate will continue rising.

About Volt Inu

Volt Inu ($VOLT) is a deflationary token that keeps growing thanks to true deflationary techniques and additional revenue generation. VOLT is a community-driven cryptocurrency with strong development capabilities. You can find out more about Volt Inu on their social media platforms at:

Website: https://voltinu.in/

Telegram: https://t.me/VoltInuOfficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VoltInuOfficial

Volt Inu is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. 

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