UniCredit Will Block Accounts Dealing with Cryptos

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UniCredit Banking Group’s policy prohibits customers from conducting transactions to digital asset-related platforms and services. A screenshot of the correspondence with the organization’s support team was posted by an Italian client of the company. The user said:

“I’m worried about these bank assholes who might close my account for transfers to FTX and Crypto.com.”

According to the screenshot, UniCredit did not recommend making transfers to cryptocurrency exchanges, as this violates the bank’s policy and threatens to block the account. The employee said:

“This is not spelled out in the agreement.”

In a commentary on the tweet, UniCredit said the organization’s current policy “prohibits relationships with counterparties that issue virtual currencies or act as exchange platforms.”

UniCredit Group is the second largest banking group in Italy with representative offices in Russia and European countries. UniCredit representatives did not specify whether the restrictions apply to customers outside Italy.

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