South Korea Adds Cryptocurrencies to School Curriculum

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South Korean children in one of the largest provinces of the country will learn about cryptos starting this spring.

The new school year begins in South Korea in March, and in anticipation of the new semester, the Gyeongbuk Education Administration in North Gyeongsang Province (which covers nearly 20% of South Korea’s territory) has introduced new teaching materials for elementary and secondary schools in the region.

This step is made in order to accelerate with modern economic realities. The truth is, the students of the youngest classes do not plan to teach crypto technologies yet.

In addition to teaching children about crypto activities and digital assets, teachers will also be instructed to explain concepts related to digital coding.

The leadership added that in January teachers will be taught on these subjects. Bae Seong-ho, the office’s head of secondary education, said:

“We will provide an economic education that will help our students create a rational concept of economy and flexibly respond to changing times.”

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