Tether Blocks Three More Ethereum Addresses with $150M in USDT

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Over the past five years, Tether has blocked 560 addresses with different volumes of stablecoins. The USDT developer has been conducting such operations since 2017.

This week, three more Ethereum addresses have been added to the blacklist, containing stablecoins totaling up to $150 million. Wallets that may be associated with dubious transactions, such as money laundering, are blocked.

Tether blocked 312 addresses last year in total. The company has not yet disclosed the reasons for the freezing of the funds stored in these three addresses. Maybe, the stablecoin developers have noticed suspicious activity of these wallets. They may be linked to hackers involved in a series of cyberattacks on cryptocurrency exchanges.

For example, after the KuCoin platform was hacked back in September 2020, Tether blocked about $35 million in USDT so that hackers could not withdraw them to third-party wallets after the attack on this trading platform.

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