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AI pioneer Mustafa Suleyman has decided to leave Google to join venture capital company Greylock Partners, The New York Times reports.

While working for Google, Suleyman was stripped of some of his managerial responsibilities at DeepMind after the company received several complaints claiming he allegedly bullied his employees. He later acknowledged the claims. He said:

“I really screwed up. I am very sorry about how this affected people and how much pain they experienced.”

Suleyman has served as Google’s Vice President of Product Management and AI Policy. He joined the company in 2014 when the search giant bought DeepMind for $650 million.

Under his leadership, the laboratory started to engage in research in the field of health. He has also become a key voice in DeepMind’s efforts to counter the collaboration between Google and the US Department of Defense. The protest of the workers eventually forced the company’s management to refuse the contract with the military.

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