Missouri Proposes to Abolish Property Tax for Cryptos

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This week, Missouri State Representative Phil Christofanelli has introduced a bill that intends to free crypto from property tax. According to him:

“My goal is to make Missouri open to innovation and opportunity as Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications enter the market.”

He has added:

“This industry has great potential to create greater economic and political freedom in Missouri, and I hope to advance this legislation, as well as other proposals, over the next few years.”

However, Phil Christofanelli is not alone. In Tennessee, Democratic Representative Jason Powell has drafted a bill that would allow the state to invest in Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Powell has introduced another bill that would create a subcommittee on blockchain and cryptocurrency to “help determine how to make Tennessee the most forward-thinking and business-oriented state with cryptocurrency and blockchain, and create an economic environment favorable to blockchain and cryptocurrency.”

Last month, Arizona State Representative Wendy Rogers drafted several bills, including one that would make Bitcoin legal tender in the state.

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