Institutional Investors Have Invested $75M in Crypto Funds in Just 1 Week

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According to CoinShares, the net inflow of institutional capital into cryptocurrency funds amounted to about $75 million last week.

According to the company, US institutional funds have withdrawn about $5.5 million from crypto funds, while European companies, on the contrary, have invested $80.7 million in such products.

Over the past four weeks, the inflow of funds into crypto funds amounted to $209 million. For the first time in nine weeks, the exit of capital from Ethereum funds has stopped. They raised $21 million last week, the researchers stressed.

Bitcoin-focused funds have received $25 million from institutional investors. The influx of funds into such instruments has been observed over the past four weeks.

Solana and Ripple also made the list of the most attractive digital assets. Funds focused on these altcoins raised $3.1 million and $2 million, respectively, in seven days. Products focused on the blockchain industry showed the largest inflow of funds since mid-December ($69 million).

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