Mayor of Texas City Wants to Use Bitcoin to “Improve the Lives of Residents”

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Steve Adler, the mayor of a small but fairly rapidly developing city of Austin (Texas), has announced he plans to direct the forces of the local government to study the possibility of using cryptocurrencies by citizens in everyday life.

He reportedly wants to make life easier for people living in the city by allowing them to make payments and pay for services using bitcoin. According to Adler’s official statement, he wants to connect the fourth-largest city in Texas to the so-called “tech ecosystem,” thereby not only increasing the level of awareness of citizens in the field of digital assets, but also making the life of Americans much more comfortable and carefree.

The Austin executive branch has been tasked to study the possibility of introducing Web3 and blockchain technologies to all kinds of government and non-government structures. Experts should consider different ways to implement the mayor’s idea.

Adler has said:

“The City has been tasked with finding applications in Austin for all of the current technologies that are related to Web3. I am sure that by joining the list of cities that use an innovative approach to the development of their region, we will only improve the lives of citizens.”

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