Intel Unveils New Crypto Mining Chip

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Intel has recently announced the launch of the second generation of Blockscale, its own crypto ASIC chip. According to the statement:

“Based on years of research and development, this ASIC will provide customers with energy-efficient hashing for Proof-of-Work consensus networks.”

Blockscale will provide a hashrate of up to 0.58 TH/s with an energy efficiency of around 26 J/TH. 256 chips can be combined into one circuit and hit a hashrate of about 148.5 TH/s.

Intel has said that thanks to the type of semiconductors used in the technology, Blockscale will be able to mass-produce without jeopardizing the supply of new CPUs or GPUs.

The new chip will become available to customers from the third quarter of 2022.

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