Bitfarms Abandons its BTC Accumulation Strategy

Reading Time: < 1 minute Canada-based public mining company Bitfarms has made adjustments to its strategy for storing mined Bitcoins.

Mining Company HIVE Blockchain Sells 10,000 ETH to Buy Intel-made Bitcoin Miners

Reading Time: < 1 minute HIVE Blockchain Technologies has sold about 10,000 ETH to “fund a strategic relationship with Intel and create new Bitcoin miners.”

Quarterly Profit of Miner Maker Canaan Increases by 327%

Reading Time: < 1 minute China-based mining equipment manufacturer Canaan posted in the first quarter of 2022 a gross profit of $130.9 million, up 327.2% year-over-year.

Mining Capital Coin CEO is Accused of $62 Million Fraud

Reading Time: < 1 minute Louis Capucci, Jr., a resident of the city of Port St. Lucie (Florida), has became a defendant in a $62 million fraud case.

A Solo Miner Mines a Bitcoin Block

Reading Time: < 1 minute A solo miner included block 733,739 in the Bitcoin blockchain on April 27.

SkyBridge Capital Will Launch a Mining-focused Fund

Reading Time: < 1 minute Investment firm SkyBridge Capital has filed an application with the SEC to launch a fund that will invest in a business related to the mining of cryptocurrencies.

US Imposes Sanctions on Crypto Miner BitRiver

Reading Time: < 1 minute The US Department of the Treasury has imposed sanctions against the BitRiver group of companies engaged in cryptocurrency mining in Russia.

Mining Firm Hut 8 Purchases 960 MicroBT Miners from TAAL

Reading Time: < 1 minute Canada-based mining company Hut 8 Mining has entered into an agreement with TAAL to host and acquire its 960 MicroBT Whatsminer M31S+ miners.

Core Scientific Starts to Publish Data on Daily Volume of Bitcoins Mined

Reading Time: < 1 minute Core Scientific has started reporting on the amount of mined crypto on a daily basis.