Bridge Network is Launching Its IDO on TDX Launchpad

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Venhuizen, Netherlands, 8th April, 2022, Chainwire

The highly anticipated Bridge Network IDO will be partially conducted on the TDX launchpad as of April 8th, 2022.  

Bridge Network is developing the first cross-chain super dApp to allow for seamless transactions between blockchain ecosystems. The crypto world is all set for a remarkable journey as Bridge Network and TDX Launchpad have joined hands to launch the IDO of Bridge Network on TDX Launchpad. Bridge Network offers a one-of-a-kind experience in the multichain world, with a scalable, secure, and robust infrastructure that simplifies the complexities of moving cross-chain.

What Problems is Bridge Network Solving?

Broken User Experience on Multi-chain
In today’s crypto ecosystem, consumers have to use different platforms to transfer fungible and non-fungible assets. The protocol used to move a non-fungible asset differs greatly from that used to move a fungible asset, which differs from that used to trade cross-chain, and so on. This broken user experience represents a significant market gap, which Bridge Network fills by creating a unified and frictionless user experience. Users can perform cross-chain transactions from one easy-to-use interface through the fully integrated suite of Bridge tools.

Centralized Cross-chain Protocols
The multi-chain world has grown faster than the supply of decentralized cross-chain tools. This surge has compelled cross-chain protocols (CCPs) to make significant security sacrifices in order to meet user demands, resulting in the exploitation of centralized validator networks. Bridge Network is wholly built on a decentralized infrastructure. This allows the users to run a node along with participating in improving the security of the network.

Asset scalability on CCPs
The infrastructure underlying most cross-chain protocols (CCPs) was designed to address an immediate market need and did not take asset scaling into account. The assets supported on most bridges necessitate some level of manual integration. Consider it similar to listing a token on a centralized exchange. There is an application process, an approval process, a period of integration, and so on. With over 16,000 cryptocurrencies, this process is not sustainable, with the majority of tokens moving to a multichain future. Bridge Network has created the first multi-chain asset issuance portal to allow token issuers to move their tokens to multi-chain without the need for manual integration. This will make the token bridge inherently scalable. 

About TDX Launchpad

TDX is the first launchpad to emerge from the collaboration between TradeDog and IBC Group. It is revolutionary in the sense that it does not require staking its native tokens and serves only one purpose: “Mass Crypto Adoption.” TradeDog is in charge of the technical side of this launchpad, while IBC is in charge of the marketing side. This collaboration, combined with the potential of the TradeDog and IBC Group, will enable TDX Launchpad to attract the best crypto projects like Bridge Network on a single platform. 

By launching its IDO on the TDX Launchpad, Bridge Network will be one of the first choices for retail investors. Exciting announcements are coming in the next couple of days to leave you awestruck. So join the TDX community today and stay tuned for more updates. Get more updates regarding the projects by joining the TDX community through the following links:

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Bridge Network IDO Launch

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