Kraken Closes its Headquarters in San Francisco

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US-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has officially announced it has closed its San Francisco headquarters. The company CEO Jesse Powell has made the announcement via Twitter.

Among the main reasons that have lead to the closure of the office is the fear of Kraken management for the lives of its employees. Per the statement:

“We have decided to make an important and very difficult decision. Our crypto exchange headquarters in downtown San Francisco will be permanently and irrevocably closed. Kraken was forced to take this action after a large number of our employees were raped and assaulted on their way to and from the office.”

This news was immediately at the epicenter of active discussions. Some Twitter users immediately started to be interested in the details of those very attacks, the other part shared funny stories and memes on the theme of “unsafe San Francisco.”

Apparently, the situation in this region of the United States has really reached the point of absurdity, since after Kraken’s statement, personal stories of citizens about invincible crime in San Francisco began to appear on the web almost every minute.

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