Coinbase Plans to List BUSD and BitDAO Token

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US-based crypto exchange Coinbase has announced a change in its approach to listing. From now on, the platform will publish an open list of applicant cryptocurrencies in advance.

According to the company, this step is needed to “increase information symmetry” and ensure more fair conditions in the cryptocurrency market.

The crypto community has seen the appearance of a pattern known as the “Coinbase effect.” According to it, the price of a crypto asset rises after it becomes available for trading in the platform. This means that this may provide an additional advantage to insiders who are aware of the upcoming procedure.

Coinbase has posted a list of 50 projects that could be listed until June 30. In particular, it includes 45 ERC-20 tokens and 5 assets from the Solana ecosystem, including Binance USD as well as the token of the large BitDAO project.

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