Chainalysis: Crypto Investment Profits Last Year Exceeded $162B

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According to Chainalysis, the profit from investments in digital assets reached $162.7 billion last year, earning US residents almost $47 billion.

On the second line are investors from the UK ($8.1 billion), on the third and fourth Germany ($5.8 billion) and Japan ($5.1 billion). The top 5 was closed by residents of China ($5.1 billion).

Russia ($4.3 billion), Ukraine ($2.8 billion), Belarus ($823 million) ranked 7th, 13th and 40th respectively.

The company specialists have singled out Turkey ($4.6 billion, 6th place), Vietnam ($2.7 billion, 16th place), Ukraine, Czech Republic ($1.9 billion, 19th place) and Venezuela ($1.1 billion, 33rd place) as leaders on the adoption of cryptocurrencies – among countries in terms of GDP, they occupy lower positions than in this rating.

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