Total Volume of NFT Sales in 18 Blockchains Hits $36B

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To date, NFT sales for the entire trading history have exceeded $36 billion.

The $36 billion sales recorded by are linked to 18 different blockchains such as Ethereum, Ronin, Solana, Avalanche, Wax, Polygon, Flow and others. The volume of NFT sales in Ethereum is $27 billion, which is equal to 75.02% of the total volume of sales in all networks.

Regarding other blockchains, Ronin showed the figure of $4 billion, Solana reached the figure of $2.2 billion, Flow processed transactions for $1 billion, Polygon recorded the sum of $591 million, Wax – $470 million, Avalanche – $277 million, Immutablex accounted for $98.7 million, Palm reached $50.5 million, and Tezos was limited to $40.4 million.

NFT sales in the top nine blockchains account for about 24.61% of non-Ethereum-based NFT sales.

The remaining nine blockchains have only 0.37% of $36 billion in total NFT sales.

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