Social Platform Reddit Will Launch Collectible Avatars on Polygon Network

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Reddit, a cryptocurrency-friendly social network, has just announced the release of a limited series of avatars on the Polygon blockchain.

Now, users will be able to purchase images “in the coming weeks.” According to the announcement, the cost of avatars is fixed, which means they are not put up for auction. Users can only buy them with fiat money.

The images were created by artists from communities like r/Comics. The social network has noted that the goal of the initiative is to provide them with the opportunity to create and sell their work. The authors will receive funds minus fees.

According to Reddit:

“Going forward, we see blockchain as one way to empower and empower Reddit communities. We are exploring tools to help them become even more self-sufficient and self-managed. Blockchain-based collectible avatars are one of the first steps we are taking to test the potential benefits of this concept.”

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