Three Arrows Capital’s Creditor Unveils Amount of Claims Against the Company

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According to user DrSoldmanGachs, who claims to be a lender to the liquidated hedge fund and an investor in affiliated Starry Night Capital, Three Arrows Capital’s (3AC) total outstanding obligations reached $2.8 billion.

According to documents provided by DrSoldmanGachs, creditors include DCG, Voyager, Algorand, DeFiance Capital, Celsius Network, BlockFi, Moonbeam Network, Galaxy Digital, BitGo, SBI Crypto, CoinList, 3AC co-founder Su Zhu ($5 million), and related with Three Arrows Capital Limited ($25 million).

The first meeting of the liquidation process took place on July 18 in the British Virgin Islands. It considered the feasibility of replacing the liquidator and made a decision to convene a committee of creditors.

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