Address Linked to FTX Withdrawals Transfers More Than $200M to 12 ETH Wallets

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The unknown user behind the suspicious withdrawals from FTX has transferred more than $200 million worth of Ethereum to 12 different wallets.

The transactions started on November 21. Within six minutes, the user made 12 withdrawals of 15,000 ETH to various wallets. After that, the funds did not move anywhere.

Some believe the attacker could be preparing to sell the assets. However, Larry Cermak, vice president of research at The Block, believes it will not be easy to realize the withdrawn assets.

In addition, the bridge used to send renBTC to the Bitcoin network is currently disabled. An exchange for stablecoins on the Ethereum network, in turn, will lead to an immediate asset freeze by law enforcement agencies.

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