User Pays 275 ETH for a Rare BAYC NFT

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A rare and exclusive non-fungible token, identified as #1726, was recently sold from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection for a staggering 275 ETH (equivalent to approximately $688,000 at the time of the transaction).

The seller, known as “franklinisbored,” is an NFT enthusiast and a well-known holder of BAYC tokens. In a post on his public profile, franklinisbored shared that this sale marks the end of an era for him.

His NFT collection is extensive and includes various pieces from popular collections like CryptoPunks.

In February, a court ordered artist Ryder Ripps and Not Larva Labs founder Jeremy Cahan to pay $8.9 million to Yuga Labs studio for infringing on the BAYC trademark. This legal battle has been ongoing since June 2022.

Last August, a record low purchase of 153 ETH (equivalent to around $254,000) was made for NFT BAYC #8585, which saw an 80% decrease in value in just 11 months.

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