Tom Lee Predicts Bitcoin Will Reach $150,000 in 2024

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According to well-known financial expert and author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki, Bitcoin (BTC) is expected to surpass $100,000 in value by mid-2024.

Kiyosaki also mentioned that both precious metals and cryptocurrency are considered to be the safest assets in the market and will continue to increase in value in the next five years.

Supporting this prediction is Tom Lee, Fundstrat Research Head, who also believes that Bitcoin will break its previous records in 2024.

On a CNBC segment last Wednesday, Lee stated that Bitcoin’s price could potentially reach $150,000 by the end of this year, a 190% increase from its current value.

This surge in demand can be attributed to the recent launch of Bitcoin ETFs, which has led to the influx of large capital into the digital currency.

Additionally, Lee pointed out the upcoming halving event as another factor that will increase the appeal of Bitcoin. In conclusion, Lee stated that Bitcoin has transformed from a risky asset into a safe and profitable tool for preserving capital.

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