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The hacker responsible for the $82 million attack on Orbit Chain during New Year’s Eve has recently sent $47.7 million to a cryptocurrency privacy mixer called Tornado Cash after remaining quiet for five months.

The transactions were made on June 8, with a total of 12,932 Ether (ETH) being moved to a new address and then sent to Tornado Cash, according to blockchain analysis company Arkham Intelligence.

Initially, it was reported that the hack resulted in $82 million in losses, but Arkham‘s recent findings suggest that it was actually closer to $100 million.

In a recent post, Arkham stated that “They stole over $100M in ETH and DAI from Orbit Chain 5 months ago, and have been silent since.” According to Etherscan, the $47.7 million in ETH transferred through Tornado Cash was mostly done in batches of 100 ETH.

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