DeVere CEO Urges Traders to Buy Bitcoin Now the Crypto is Falling

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Nigel Green, CEO of deVere Group, has said that now is the best time to buy cryptocurrencies in the current bearish cycle.

Many retail traders are aggressively selling Bitcoin, Ether and other coins concerned by the fact that the correction may drag BTC to an even deeper pullback.

However, Green is quite optimistic. According to him, now is the most convenient time to buy the leading cryptocurrency.

The head of deVere has the same opinion as the experts who believe the future belongs to cryptocurrencies. These tools are fundamentally changing the global infrastructure.

Green has said:

“I use the low prices of Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies to fund my portfolio. Why? Because, like many corporations, financial institutions, governments, prestigious universities and famous financiers, I believe digital currencies are the inevitable future of money.”

Analysts believe the current Bitcoin crash is associated to the withdrawal of investors to cash because they fear the Fed might raise the discount rate.

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