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Apple CEO Tom Cook has recently provided a detailed description of the company’s plans for expanding its business in the metaverse. He has decided to share this information with large investors so that they can weigh all the “pros” and “cons” before investing in new Apple projects.

Analyst Cathy Huberty of Morgan Stanley, asked Cook what actions he intends to take as part of the development of a new direction of activity. He replied:

“We see our future in this meta-space and invest in it.”

Cook hinted the company has a huge number of applications (over 14 thousand) and, if necessary, it can increase in the near future. For Apple, according to the company CEO, nothing is impossible, because the main task of the company is to satisfy the interests of users, even if they are connected with the metaverse.

It is worth emphasizing these plans are very interested in investors. This is evidenced by the latest financial report, which speaks of the current positions of the corporation’s shares. They, by the way, grew by 5%, and sales increased by 11%. In total, the company earned about $35 billion in the last quarter.

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