Some Hackers Steal User NFTs Worth $2.7 Million

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Some hackers have stolen from user Larry Lawliet 13 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) worth about $2.7 million, the victim has announced on Twitter.

The attackers allegedly tricked him into signing fake transactions to gain access to Lawliet’s NFTs.

The hackers initially took control of the Moschi Mochi NFT collection Discord server and published an announcement about the release of a thousand additional tokens.

The user then sent 0.49 ETH in exchange for 14 NFTs. Among the transactions for confirmation, the attackers also sent a fraudulent one that provides full access to the wallet.

After the victim signed all the transactions, the attackers stole all of Lawliet’s NFTs. Among them are seven Bored Ape tokens, five Mutant Apes and one Doodle.

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