US Rapper Kanye West Will Not Cooperate with NFT Platforms

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Famous US rapper Kanye West, who officially changed his name to “Ye” in October, has published a post on his Instagram account in which he speaks negatively about non-fungible tokens.

He has shared with his subscribers a photograph of an ordinary white sheet with some text. If you carefully read the rapper’s message, you can understand that it carries negative thoughts regarding the activities of NFT projects. He said in the message:

“Stop asking me to release these damn NFT collections. I don’t work with Finna. Now I’m not interested, I’m doing other things. At the moment, my activity is focused on music and the release of products of the real world, not the virtual one.”

The post has been shared by about 11 million subscribers of the musician in less than a day after its publication.

Among other things, the rapper has clarified the purchase of non-fungible tokens is not included in his immediate plans.

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