MetaMask Says There Will Not Be Generous Airdrop if it Issues a Token

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While MetaMask has not ruled out the possibility of issuing its own token in a non-custodial wallet, it has urged users there might not be a generous airdrop, the head of the operational department of the project, Jacob Cantele, has said in an interview with Decrypt. He said:

“We really believe in progressive decentralization, we are gradually moving towards it in meaningful ways that do not come down to raking in money.”

Cantele has said that the native token is an “important aspect” of MetaMask’s drive to hand over control of the project to the community. However, he has noted users should not count on significant financial benefits. He has explained:

“This is not what we are aiming for. We are not going to expose the project to regulatory risks or give management into the hands of people involved in the farming of airdrops or something like that.”

Cantele has said that “airdrop farming” is the process in which individuals or private companies create several wallets to maximize the profit from the distribution.

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