US Imposes Sanctions on Crypto Miner BitRiver

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The US Department of the Treasury has imposed sanctions against the BitRiver group of companies engaged in cryptocurrency mining in Russia.

According to the agency, BitRiver, an operator of mining data centers founded in 2017, currently has three offices in Russia. In 2021, BitRiver transferred the ownership of its assets to the Swiss holding BitRiver AG.

In addition to it, ten subsidiaries have been included in the sanctions list, including Bitriver Management Company LLC, Bitriver Rus LLC, Everest Group LLC, Siberian Minerals LLC, Tuvaasbest LLC, Trading House Asbest LLC, LLC “Bitriver-B”, LLC “Bitriver-K”, LLC “Bitriver-Sever” and LLC “Bitriver-Turma.”

As a result, the US Department of the Treasury has stopped the possibility of a potential circumvention of sanctions by Russia through crypto mining. This is the very first time that companies mining cryptocurrencies have been included in the US’ sanctions list.

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