Polkadot Developers Launch Cross-chain Solution

Reading Time: < 1 minute

The team of developers of the Polkadot project has launched the XCM messaging system, which allows communication between different parachains.

According to them:

“The XCM (cross-consensus messaging) format means that the main goal of the Polkadot network – to be a fully interoperable multi-channel ecosystem – has been achieved.”

The company developers have noted that messages via XCM channels are protected at the same level as the Relay Chain, the central hub of the network that all parallel blockchains use. They have said:

“Parachains that support a wide variety of use cases and protocols will be able to use XCM to transfer assets or data between themselves.”

XCM allows not only parachains to communicate, but also smart contracts and Substrate runtime modules.

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