Kraken CEO is Accused of Planting a Toxic Corporate Culture

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Jesse Powell, CEO of crypto exchange Kraken, has presented a document on the corporate culture of the company and has invited all employees who disagree with its content to quit.

The document describes the “libertarian philosophical values” of the company, including tolerance for “diverse thinking,” and confirms the right of law-abiding citizens to arms. At the same time, Powell has announced the Jet Ski Program, which offers dissenting employees to quit with four months’ pay.

The New York Times has reported that during discussions on the corporate messenger Slack, Powell allegedly objected to employees using preferred pronouns, discussed the permissibility of racial slurs, and spoke about the “brainwashing” of US women.

In the same chat, Kraken CPO Christina Yee wrote that “the CEO, the company and corporate culture will not change significantly.”

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