Kaiko Becomes Crypto Data Provider for Deutsche Börse

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Crypto market data provider Kaiko has just announced it has entered into a partnership with the Deutsche Börse Group.

As part of the collaboration, Kaiko will provide the securities market operator with data on the price movements of transactions on all covered centralized and decentralized digital asset exchanges.

In the first phase, which will be implemented by Q4, Deutsche Börse customers will have access to real-time crypto price feeds and historical data. The distributor will be Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services.

In the second step, Kaiko will provide historical order book data for selected crypto exchanges based on the T+1 trading mode.

According to the statement:

“DBG customers and market participants such as asset managers, banks, high-frequency traders, custodians and market makers will have additional access to Kaiko market data to underpin their activities.”

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